The Homesteader is an online music zine that aims to inform, teach and provoke thought.
It is a collection of unique perspectives from artists and industry professionals.


A Letter From The Homestead Records                                       Featured Article     

Perspective is powerful and inescapable. You find yourself having a particular perspective, and can’t do much about it. Unless of course, you are provided with a more compelling one.  With our very first issue of The Homesteader it is our goal to begin providing those perspectives for you and for ourselves.  We know so many amazing, thoughtful, talented people and The Homesteader is a place for them to share their experiences and knowledge.

Sean Carey is a musician with a graceful command of his instruments.  As a drummer/ keyboardist/ vocalist in Bon Iver and as the transcendent multi-instrumentalist songwriter of S. Carey, Sean has a wealth of training and talent that we at The Homestead Records have admired for years now.  As you read his review, you’ll find yourself along-side Sean in his college dorm room as he describes the sounds, feelings and musicianship of one of his favorite jazz records “Waltz For Debby”, by Bill Evans Trio.  

Chris Ford is a co-operator of Maximum Ames Records and leader of Des Moines, IA band, Christopher The Conquered.  We’ve known Chris for a few years now.  He is truly one of the most engaging performers we’ve ever had the pleasure of watching.  Its not uncommon to find him sprawled out across his keyboard mid song or crawling onto an audience member’s table while belting out in his dynamic tenor.  It is with this same energy that Chris approaches his label and it’s this same energy that he writes about in his Essay, “Your Band Is Boring”.  Read this article.  Be inspired.  Make things happen.

Jeremy Bartelt has had his hands in all kinds of studio projects all over the country. You know that saying that those who can’t do, teach? Ya, well Jeremy did a lot and did it successfully, and then he decided to teach. He has a real passion for bringing his knowledge of engineering and sound to young people who are eager to learn. He served as the program chair of the audio engineering department and The Institute of Production and Recording in Minneapolis, MN and now he’s bringing his skills to a younger set of minds, teaching juniors and seniors the twin cities area. His article gives us two takes, if you’ll pardon the pun, on the studio recording experience. Jeremy gives us a compelling list of insights and tips on how to be a better artist, and a better engineer.

To cap off our first issue of The Homesteader, we thought it apropos to share with you one of the artists who inspired us to start this endeavor.  LOTT lives at The Homestead.  We hear her through the floor-boards.  Her songs travel through the ventilation system.  Until recently, she’s spoken about her songs as being, “bedroom music”.  As in, music only to be played or heard in her bedroom.  We are happy that she’s decided to take her music outside of her room and into the world.  In this video article you’ll watch her perform a new song called “Parking On The Grass”.  We are in love with her songs and think you will be too.